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  • Kernmantle-Dynamic

    Dynamic ropes are used as general, ice and rock climbing ropes.
    They are designed to stretch under load, absorbing some of the shock when a climber falls.

    Custom colors available with minimum purchase of 2000 yds-4500 yds depending on diameter.
    9-16mm diameter available. Custom lengths, assemblies and spools available.
    Certified to UIAA/EN 892.

    Many items available from our DOD FEDMALL #SP47W1-18-D-0015

    Military Specifications and NSN’s: Several Available
    click here to view NSN´s
    and click here to view Military Specifications

  • Kernmantle-Static-Nylon

    Static ropes are used for rapelling and rescue purposes.
    They do not stretch like a dynamic rope and thus do not offer protection against shock loads (ie: falling).
    Static ropes are more durable and resistant to abrasion than dynamic ropes.

  • Kernmantle Fire Rescue

    Fire rescue ropes are designed to meet the needs of fire fighters, search and rescue teams,
    and any other application requiring high strength, heat and abrasion resistance.

    • 100% Technora construction retains core strength after exposure to elevated temps
      and gives longer burn through time
    • Technora/Aramid heat resistant to 932° Fahrenheit
    • Fire Rescue lines available with sewn eyes and hooks
    • Fire rescue/Fire retardant.  
    • High visibility with reflective marker
    • Military Specifications available

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