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  • Blasting Mats Safety

    Construction: Hand Made Rope Blast Mats Tightly woven under and over pattern
    Material: Manila Rope Blast Mat • Polypropylene Rope Blast Mat • Wire Rope Blast Mat
    Rope Sizes: 3/4" thru 1-1/2" diameter
    Advantage: Leaves ventilation for gases
    Benefits: Curtains Debris • Shield
    Uses: Shield from Explosions • Curtain • Contain Debris • Protection • Blast Curtains • Spall Panels • Spall Blankets • Spall Liners
    Options: Various Sizes • Shapes • Hardware • Securing Options
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  • Rope Nets Safety

    Construction: Hand made Knotted or Woven
    Material: Available in Manila • Nylon • Polypropylene • Polyester • Polyethylene • Wire
    Advantage: Easy Grip • Flexible
    Uses: Barrier • Climbing • Fall Protection • Gangway • Safety • Shiprail
    Options: Various Sizes • Shapes and Hardware available


    Specialties: Firewood Bundle Handles • Heat Cut Ends to prevent Fraying • Various Lengths and colors • Expedited availability

  • Round Slings Safety

    Construction: Flexible outer casing with Heavy duty inner core
    Advantage: Strong to move Heavy loads
    Benefits: Soft to prevent Bruising or Damage to delicate items
    Uses: To lift irregular shaped loads
    Options: Materials • Sizes and Hardware available • Various Colors

  • Web Net + Ratchets

    Construction: Knot-Free • Lay smooth Slotted or Unslotted.
    Advantage: Lay smooth on any surface • Strong
    Benefits: Compact • Light weight made to customer specifications
    Uses: Cargo • Debris • Hoisting • Stowage
    Options: Dimensions • Hardware available • Mesh sizes • Various Colors

  • Safety-Web-Sling

    Construction: Endless • Eye-eye • One and Two Triangle Choker hitch
    Advantage: Adapt to fit any load • Fit numerous hoisting machines
    Benefits: Fits any load • Good weight distribution
    Uses: To lift irregular shaped loads
    Options: Materials • Sizes and Hardware available • Various Colors

  • Wire Nets Safety

    Construction: 1/16"-1/2" diameter wire, Made to any shape
    Advantage: Extra strong to contain any sized debris
    Benefits: Extremely strong yet Flexible
    Uses: Large Debris (Construction or Natural)
    Options: Dimensions • Hardware available • Various Mesh sizes

  • Towing Lines

    Towing lines

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